Building Better

Business Connections

Make New Connections

Meet a variety of professionals across a wide range of industries to help grow mutually beneficial business relationships.

Cultivate Friendships

Get more than just business connections. Our monthly in-person lunches are a great way to get to know other professionals on a personal level.

Get and Give

Benefit others and yourself. The goal of this group is for everyone to give each other referrals when possible. The more you give, the more you're likely to get.

Expand Your Horizons

Interacting with many business professionals from a wide range of industries is an excellent way to expand your business toolbox

Unlock Your Potential

Monthly Virtual Meeting

Weekly Lunch Meetings

Supportive Community

Business Referral Group Resources

We hold monthly virtual meetings via MS Teams where members can connect and collaborate. During these meetings, members can showcase their businesses to help the rest of the group better understand what everyone does and what kind of referrals they would benefit most from, share successes and challenges, and seek feedback and advice from fellow professionals. Additionally, we organize monthly in-person lunches, where members can further strengthen their relationships and enjoy a fun, casual time together. We believe that face-to-face interaction is crucial for building lasting connections and creating a supportive community, so regular attendance is highly encouraged. Finally, our group chat allows members to stay informed about upcoming networking events and share their own events with the group. By providing multiple opportunities for members to engage and network with one another, we are able to foster a strong and supportive community that helps each other succeed.

On the third Wednesday of every month, our Business Referral Group meets from 12pm-1:30pm for a fun, casual lunch at the Twin Peaks on Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. in West Palm Beach. These lunches allow members to connect with each other in a laid-back environment where we can discuss more than just business.

We strongly encourage everyone to attend regularly in order to build meaningful friendships and get to know the people behind the businesses. These monthly lunches are your opportunity to talk about anything you like without the structure or time constraints of the monthly Teams meetings, so attendance is strongly encouraged.

Our group has a WhatsApp chat where members can share networking events that they know of so other members can attend or form groups and attend events together. We try to keep this chat to only posting about upcoming network events so opportunities don’t get lost in the feed.

Get In Touch

Get in touch with us to learn more about our group, membership requirements, and to ask any questions you may have.
Please keep in mind that continued membership is contingent upon participation. We welcome all people from all industries, however, the purpose of the group is to put as much effort into others as much as you would like to get out of membership yourself. We require that members attend a minimum of two meetings per month and refer potential clients or other possible referral connections to other members every chance you get.