About Us

Building Better Business Connections

We started the Business Referral Group with the intention of bringing together likeminded business professionals who are looking to both grow in their own industry and build others up as well.

Our goal as a referral group is to assist professionals in forming significant business connections, establishing enduring friendships, and advancing their respective industries through beneficial recommendations. We are committed to cultivating a supportive atmosphere that encourages collaboration, knowledge sharing, and mutual inspiration for success among members. Our group provides a wide range of opportunities for networking, showcasing businesses, and seeking advice and feedback from other professionals. We are convinced that by creating genuine relationships, we can aid each other in achieving our objectives and scaling new heights of achievement. Our community is open to everyone, whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or just starting out, and we invite you to take advantage of the collective wisdom and experience of our members.

However, we do ask all members to remain committed to helping their fellow members by referring potential clients or customers to them whenever feasible, instead of solely benefiting from referrals from other members.

How We Drive Our Members Forward

Monthly Virtual Meeting

We hold a one-hour Zoom meeting on every second Wednesday of each month from 12-1pm. Since we require members to attend at least two of our four meetings per month, the Zoom meeting is an option for those who can only make one in-person lunch meeting.

Weekly Lunch Meetings

We meet for lunch every first, third, and fourth Wednesday of each month at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse on Palm Beach Lakes Blvd from 12-1:30pm. This is where all the magic happens!

Networking Event Sharing Chat

Our WhatsApp group chat is where members can share links and information about upcoming networking and social events. Members are free to attend these events solo or organize groups to increase our group' presence at networking events.

Join Us

If you have been introduced to our group, it's because someone believes you share our values and vision. We look forward to the possibility of you adding your expertise and passion to our collective journey of growth and success. The Business Referral Group of South Florida is more than just a network - it's a family of professionals committed to lifting each other higher. Welcome to our circle of trust.

Exclusivity and Trust

Membership in our group is not simply open for application. It is an invite-only privilege, ensuring that each member has been handpicked, fully vetted, and shares the ethos and standards that our group upholds. We understand that when it comes to referrals, trust isn't just a bonus - it's a necessity.

Protected Industries

One of the unique aspects of our group is that we guarantee the protection of each member's industry. This means that we have a non-competing environment where each member is the sole representative of their field. This exclusivity not only ensures undivided attention but also cultivates an environment where members can collaborate without reservation.

We're Different!

We don't hold traditional networking meetings where each member gives a short commercial about their business and says who their ideal client would be. Instead, we focus on activities, discussions, and exercises that will benefit our members and help them grow as business professionals


Looking to Get Involved?

Contact us directly to see how you can join our group and start building better business connections

Membership Submission Form

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Fill out the form or reach out to us directly to inquire about joining.

Keep in mind that membership is on the basis of participation. We want all of our members to benefit equally, so every member is expected to contribute to referring potential clients and customers to other members. We humbly request that you only ask about joining if you have a passion for building up others as well as yourself.